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Welcome to my pages that are cleverly liked to products out there that you may or may not take an interest in. These products or services are offered by companies who depend on people like me to advertise and show my readers what is currently available. I make a small commission off of each sale; however, you will be linked to the offer page and will buy direct from the company offering the product or service. I get my commission for bringing you to them as you check out. We all make money and you get enjoy what you bought.

These products and services are not easy to learn of unless you buy through me. Why would a company be willing to do this. Its fair trade and allows me to reach many more readers than they could. If they have 100 or so of us advertising there products on the internet all over the place through ad sites and social media, well that’s quite a reach that would be very costly to them.

I enjoy writing adds and sending their voice out to be read or heard and hopefully your friends and family will learn as well. Its exciting to get feedback from a buyer who found a product or service through me and is truly happy with their purchase. The best is when they tell me how that experience made a positive change in their life. Such as E-Books on how to revive your marriage.

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